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The creative and business force behind Ambience Medical is Chip Davis, a Grammy Award winning composer and musician – and one of the most successful innovators, entrepreneurs and product marketers in business today. The story of his multi-million dollar company, which began with the formation of an independent record label over 30 years ago, has been chronicled in publications as Time magazine, American Profile, Billboard and Inc., the magazine of growth companies.

Davis revolutionized the music industry when his innovative style of instrumental music created a whole new music genre classified as New Age. He is also credited with single-handedly transforming the Christmas music season into the huge industry it is today. And along the way he has selectively diversified into other related products, bringing his lifestyle brand to consumers through a wide array of distribution channels.
A classically trained musician, Davis’ first foray into commercial music began in the advertising industry. A jingle that he co-wrote for Old Home Bread won a Clio, the highest award in advertising for excellence. A record resulted (Old Home Fillerup and Keep on Truckin’ Café by C.W. McCall and the Old Home Band), followed by an album. The song “Convoy”, from the group’s second album, went gold and spawned the CB radio craze and a major movie starring Kris Kristofferson.

At the same time Davis was also experimenting with music that he called “18th century classical rock”, combining classical music with current rhythms, instruments and electronic technology. He called the music Fresh Aire and named his band Mannheim Steamroller. When major companies in the industry failed to produce his music, Davis started his own American Gramaphone label out of Omaha, Nebraska in 1974, releasing his first Fresh Aire album.

Ten years later Davis released his first Christmas album. Today, Mannheim Steamroller has sold over 25 million holiday albums, making them the #1 selling Christmas artist of all time. The group is also one of the top 50 best-selling artists of all times, with American Gramaphone becoming one of the largest and most influential record labels in the industry.

Davis’ original business model has exponentially expanded to include Mannheim Steamroller offerings for other holidays along with selective products that are complementary to the company’s lifestyle focus on family, caring and warmth.

Included in his product offerings are food items (ranging from his original cinnamon hot chocolate developed for the Christmas season to a spray-on barbeque sauce), comfortable and casual clothing, holiday books and personal comfort items like lotions and candles. Davis calls it “connect-the-dots marketing”. It is a strategy that has resulted in a significant business empire as he continues to anticipate and serve the demographics of his consumer base.

That same strategy has also served Davis well in collaborating with other major companies and their marketing efforts. He teamed with Walt Disney on an album of classic Disney songs, worked with NBC on a noted Christmas broadcast, benefited the National Parks System through a fund-raising tour for Yellowstone and has formed marketing alliances with Fortune 500 companies. Such efforts further reinforced the marketing impact of his organization and the strength of his distinctive brand.

As Davis embarked on creating his new Ambience series, he instinctively began exploring the full potential of the distinctive compositions. Realizing that his new combination of music and sounds of nature could alter spatial perceptions, he envisioned the value of applications beyond normal listening pleasure. The result is Ambience Medical with its far-reaching implications for the treatment and care of individual patients within a medical setting – extending the positive impact fostered by Davis, his business enterprise and lifestyle brand.

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