The Dynamics of music Composition
The power of music comes from its ability to impact our emotions and create images; listeners actually interact with the programming in their own minds. Through the considerable skill and talents of Chip Davis, this power encompasses the full range of emotions as deliberate patterns of notes are used to create distinct feelings.

For example, everyone is generally aware that there are two modes in music: Major and Minor chords. These modes are used for different effects in composition. Major chords tend to evoke happiness and well being while Minor chords imply and convey a feeling of sadness.

Other emotional chords can be conveyed through selective note patterns. Nostalgia, for example, can be evoked by using a combination called “Parallel Linear 6ths”. Through this deliberate and creative composition, the musical component of Ambient Therapy produces emotional receptivity to the natural sounds of serenity and comfort.

The unity of these elements – natural sound, algorithmic recording and specially-composed music – results in a space-altering experience for the listener: The ambient noise floor is believable because you identify with the natural sounds, placing you where your ears tell you you are, and your emotions correspond with feelings and imagery reflecting your new perceived space.

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