The Noise Floor
There is always a certain amount of noise surrounding us in most of our everyday world. Sounds that disrupt us are sometimes referred to as “startle” sounds. They are high, transient spikes in the normal pattern of sounds around us such as a door slamming, a gunshot or the sharp backfire of a car on an empty street.

The consistency of our day-to-day ambient sounds can provide us with a comfort level, a feeling that all is going well. Within a medical setting however, the daily cadence includes the whirring of machines, beeps of monitors and hustle-bustle of hospital staff. These constant startle sounds are difficult to minimize, making it less conducive to feel at ease and receptive to a healing environment.

In the creation of Ambient Therapy, Davis turned to an ambient noise floor of purely natural sounds as the foundation for a psychoacoustic experience. As products of nature, humans automatically identify with sounds evoking the aesthetics and serenity of nature. An ambient background of natural sounds “rings true” with every individual, striking a sympathetic and believable response.



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