The Power of Algorithmic Recording
The perceptual impact of using nature sounds as an ambience background is made increasingly more effective through today’s technology and the advent of surround sound. Individuals naturally hear forward and backward. By recognizing the loudness of what sounds are forward versus what sounds are backwards, humans automatically triangulate where a sound is coming for.

The recording of natural sounds for Ambient Therapy was accomplished through a permanent array of microphones placed in a forest floor 200 feet apart. The resulting delay time/algorithm between each microphone is 200 feet. And unlike recording through individual mono signals, the four channel algorithm allows the sounds being recorded through each microphone to simultaneously interact with other.

When reproduced through surround sound, the recording captured through this configuration replicates the sense of being in the middle of the forest floor. The algorithms generate a believable psychoacoustic space of 200 feet by 200 feet. Individuals perceive they are in a wide-open space even when they are confined in a room space as small as 10 feet by 10 feet.

When individuals believe they have been transported to an altered space, factors as mood, psyche and feelings begin adjusting to the perception of that place. This is where the music of Ambient Therapy further heightens the psychoacoustic effect: By providing the emotional content that reinforces the virtual auditory reality.

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