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Internationally-acclaimed Chip Davis, who transformed the music industry by creating what today is known as the Adult Contemporary and New Age music genres, has brought his 30 years of classical music training, electronic technology knowledge and recording expertise to the therapeutic challenges of the health care industry.

Moving beyond the known benefits of music in the process of healing, Davis has focused his cutting-edge creativity on how the sensory implications of today’s surround sound technology can be of unique benefit in medical world. Applying the principles of psychoacoustics – the ability to create spatial perceptions through the interrelationships of sound, hearing and the “mind’s eye” – he has created, composed and recorded a breakthrough music series with significant relevance in addressing patient care issues.

Ambient Therapy combines specially-recorded sounds of nature with distinctive music content that helps guide emotional perceptions. Actualized through sophisticated electronic technology and based on recording algorithms, the programs have the ability to mentally transport patients from their hospital rooms to a different and positive environment. In doing so, Ambient Therapy counteracts feelings of anxiety, isolation and other negative distractions – replacing them with an overall sense comfort and well-being.

The ability of Ambience Therapy to evoke an aesthetic experience also rests with the actual delivery, or “how” the music is played. Here, Davis concentrated on the environmental realities and noise levels of hospital facilities and patient rooms. Working hand-in-hand with renowned teaching, research and community-based hospital networks, Davis and his team created a prototype design unit and accompanying surround sound configuration that is unlike traditional music therapy applications.

The Ambient Therapy System (ATS) is based on the experiences and feedback of surgeons, physicians, nurses and hospital staff. The portable, all-inclusive unit can be easily integrated into any structural setting – bringing with it the power of applied psychoacoustics. The result is the transformation of any space into an area which places occupants into a new “perceptual reality”, an environment which is soothing, comforting and enhances the healing process.

The applicability of Ambient Therapy has already been demonstrated in selective uses within operating areas, children’s cancer units and specialty oncology needs. The system is being placed in expanded usage within the community-based Alegent Health Systems in Omaha, Nebraska, with further reinforcement through a significant research study being conducted by Alegent and noted national consultants.

Just as Davis revolutionized the recording industry and went on to form his own business model and independent record label, his newest undertaking, Ambience Medical, is poised to help transform the treatment of the whole individual. With patent protection pending, the Ambient Therapy System will soon be available nationwide as Davis and Ambience Medical enhance and support the efforts of progressive medical institutions in achieving a new level of patient care and service.

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